Bert’s Barges


Interior - Berts Barges - RYE Design
Terrace - Berts Barges - RYE Design
Bedroom - Berts Barges - RYE Design


RYE Design was commissioned by materials specialist Bert & May to coordinate the interior and architectural design for their prototype urban house boat alongside interior stylist Laura Fulmine and furniture designer Robin Grasby. Bert's Barge is the first of the company's 'Spaces' projects and launched as part of London’s Clerkenwell Design Week alongside a series of other ventures by the brand. Our brief was to take the materials palette selected by Laura Fulmine and work within the constraints of the existing canal boat to coordinate their installation. This included a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area. In addition to the internal spaces Bert & May founder Lee Thornley wanted to create a terrace on the roof of the boat itself which would require additional technical coordination


The complete refurbishment of the boat was necessary in order to achieve the desired design. This included the specification of new bespoke windows and doors to ensure a secure architectural envelope. The interior then too shape within the secured shell. Reclaimed timber was used to panel the walls alongside brass lighting and mid-century furniture completing the interior of the barge. Working closely with the company to develop designs for other house boat models RYE Design has continued to work with the Bert & May Spaces team as one of their lead architectural designers.
Livingroom - Berts Barges - RYE Design