Gordon St Coffee

Central Station Glasgow

Exterior - GSC Glasgow - RYE Design


Gordon St Coffee is the flagship store for the new Scottish coffee brand which takes its name from its location on Gordon St, in the heart of Glasgow’s West End. The site is perched on the edge of the historic Glasgow Central Station and it’s shell is composed of the station’s Grade II Listed basalt stone structure. The client for the project set the task of sensitively transforming the unit into an operational hub for the roasting and packaging of the brands numerous coffee blends whilst acting as a working coffee shop for the rail station. This brief presented a number of technical challenges including the coordination of roasting equipment, extract, and packaging processes alongside seated customers.


Within the demise of the double height unit a new mezzanine level was introduced to increase the number of seated covers and house the newly introduced Coffee roaster. The interior design is sympathetic to the existing shell of the unit and retained basalt walls honour the working history of the building and wider station. A hexagon mosaic floor references the motifs of old brasseries and contrasts the industrial blackened steel staircase which forms the main entrance to the unit, connecting it directly to the station concourse. White Carrara marble counters create a sharp contrast to the existing basalt stone walls enclosing the space. Protected by a frameless glass enclosure these refrigerated marble slabs display the fresh food offer which accompanies the brand’s signature blend.
Seating - GSC Glasgow - RYE Design

Work completed for Jestico & Whiles 2011-2014. Photography © Will Pryce