Le Monde Bar & Restaurant


Bar - Le Monde Restaurant - RYE Design


Le Monde is a boutique hotel in the heart of Edinburgh’s much loved New Town district. Situated on George Street the 18-room hotel is arranged across four storeys with the hotel’s public bar and restaurant occupying the ground floor level. We were tasked with designing and delivering a refurbishment of the bar & restaurant. Our briefwas to carefully re-frame the original Georgian architecture with new interventions delivering a look and feel which is both glamorous and contemporary. The hotel’s bar & restaurant were re-launched alongside a new small plates food menu and curated cocktail offering sampling a collection of recipes in collaboration with some of the oldest and most established cocktail bars from around the world. This coupled with the new interior brings the hotel to the forefront of highly competitive food and beverage scene in Edinburgh.
Detail - Le Monde Restaurant - RYE Design
Seat - Le Monde Restaurant - RYE Design


The refurbished main bar and restaurant is located on the ground floor level of the hotel and is now characterised by a feature island bar. This is clad in a deep Verde Guatemala top and adorned with a vivid blue castellated moulding. Around the bar an apron of vibrant marble floor tiles are arranged in a herringbone pattern welcoming guests to explore the comprehensive cocktail list and paired small plate menu. Brass is used throughout the scheme to add a touch of glamour, alongside an energetic colour pallette which works to both enliven and define the separate seating areas. Behind the bar four bespoke neon artworks depicting 1930’s inspired illustrations are intended to draw the eye through the lattice work of tubular brass rods forming the decorative back bar. A parallel line of scalloped columns and marble poseur tables separates the main bar from the elevated booth seating. Toward the rear of the building guests can find a greater sense of privacy with additional seating and two private function spaces including VIP areas individually characterised by their playful use of colour and texture. Velvet banquettes of green, crimson, and fawn colours sit in contrast to deep blue and blush coloured walls celebrating the palette of the eclectic cocktail menu.
Booths - Le Monde Restaurant - RYE Design