Shilling Brewing Co.


Bar - Shilling - RYE Design


Shilling is a new brewery and bar in Glasgow, Scotland. Cited in a former mid-century bank building it benefits from a triple height merchant hall and subterranean vaults which now house the venue’s restrooms. Prior to the unit’s transformation into the brand’s flagship site a large mezzanine loomed large in the space and created a series of smaller darker rooms. The brief for the bar was to reinstate and celebrate the building’s original architecture. Operationally the brewing activities of the bar required a unique fermentation tank storage solution that did not compromise the tradable area within the unit. This coupled with the strip out of the existing internal mezzanine structure opened up a much bigger realm of possibilities.
Sign - Shilling - RYE Design


The resulting general arrangement is split in two with a bar and brewing tanks on one side of the main hall and a raised dining platform on the other. The tanks are stacked above the bar creating a striking visual feature with an instant synergy with the provenance of the product being served. This also frees the wider floor plate for a variety of communal tables and seating arrangements. Situated in between the bar and platform is the open food pass. A hive of activity immediately visible upon entry the open plan show kitchen beyond the pass centres around a newly installed feature pizza oven. Alongside the interiors a new visual identity was created for the business. Subtle references to malting hops and the brewing process that is now located on the site were used to great effect in upholstery as well as in bespoke digital assets and print collateral.
Tanks - Shilling - RYE Design

Work completed for Jestico & Whiles 2011-2014. Photography © James Harris