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RYE Design has collaborated with London based design and fabrication studio HAXCH, to complete the latest OFFICE CLUB. The development houses 32 desk spaces, a private meeting room, as well as a communal kitchen and dining area. The OFFICE CLUB in Peckham is a co-working space located in an old factory building in south east London. The Bussey Building, developed originally as an Edwardian cricket bat factory, is now home to an established eclectic creative community, several music venues, and a number of small businesses, the newest addition being this shared working space.
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Upon entry visitors are guided into the space by a curved timber screen formed of individual slats. Each slat is angled to prevent direct line of sight, giving privacy to the occupants. In an office where space is limited, built in storage racks above each desk de-clutter the shared work surfaces, keeping only essential items to hand. The large shared desks act as a central hub to which everything is linked and forms the point around which the co-working environment revolves. This is reflected in the graphic manifestations on the walls surrounding the Office Club logo which mimics the flow of people around the space.
Desk - Office Club - RYE Design